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My weakness is chocolate. I love anything chocolate. It is very hard to come up with just one single favorite, so I will give you all a few! Chocolate lava cake rings in pretty high on my list next to chocolate covered strawberries. I also am a huge fan of fudge pie, or Godiva chocolate cheesecake. Blue Bell vanilla ice cream on top of any of that really does the trick.

Perfect Party Platter

The Holidays are always an excuse to eat and eat until you can’t eat anymore. My personal favorite party platter/ hors d’oeuvre is a cheese platter. You can be as simple or over-the-top as you wish with this. Baked brie is a MUST, and it obviously all is better with a great glass of vino. YUM! Fresh Market has an excellent selection of cheeses and other yummy snacks to go with! They sell baked brie on Fridays only, which is perfect for a weekend party!

Brie, cheeses, olives, vino, galore!

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner! Our family tradition is a big pajama brunch on Christmas Day. For the past few years I’ve been in charge of the menu for the brunch. We have quite a crew coming this year. We will be having MIMOSAS with orange sorbet or regular orange juice, breakfast casserole ( to DIE for), fruit, blueberry muffins, and cheese grits. Merry Christmas to all!

Have Yourself a Merry Little… Cup of Cocoa

A personal holiday favorite is Williams-Sonoma hot cocoa. It is the perfect drink for a cozy evening by the Christmas Tree and fire. It is especially great with a side of peppermint bark. It truly gives you the full holiday feel. It would be even better if we could get some cold weather to go with it! All you have to do is add warm milk or water! It is easy and every sip is well worth your time! Love it.


Simply Supper

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s so nice to come home and simply have supper. A simple supper, at that. Tonight we had an avocado and tomato salad with Italian dressing, homemade creamed potatoes, and a filet mignon. The filet simply melted in your mouth, and the potatoes complimented it so well. Speaking of complimenting, a good glass of vino sure does compliment a steak well. The vino of choice  was Hahn Pinot Noir.


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